I hope you enjoy this page and the pictures of some of the animals, and their humans, who have appeared in my column, "Out of the Ark." (double click on the picture to enlarge image)


 This picture of my sister Amy, on the left, and me, is my first exposure to Boston Terriers. I believe I am holding our first puppy, Millie. Amy is holding one of  her litter mates.  I was three years old.

Gracie, my Boston Terrier has been featured in many columns.

 Rudy, the Hessen cat. Rudy was a little cat with a big cattitude.

 Jimmy, the Boston Terrier I had when I married Doug. Their story will be featured in Chicken Soup for the Soul: My Dog Did What? It also appeared in an early column.

Another picture of photogenic Holly. I have written about her more than once. She is special.

 Of all the columns I have done I have not learned as much from any of them as I did from the relationship between Yvonne Bentley and her Rhode island Red hen, "Momma Chick."

 "Petra" is the name of the Havanese dog being held by Bernie Ertell. Petra saved Bernie's life. Petra may look like a ball of fluff, but she is a true hero. 

 Another picture of Gracie. So many stories to tell about my sweet and loyal companion.



 This picture of my husband, Doug, and his cat, Jake, accompanied the column in the Lincoln City News Guard. Their story also appeared in Chicken Soup for the Soul: I Can't Believe My Cat Did That. Jake lived 23 years.

Hundreds of baby chicks are killed by smothering, starving, freezing, dehydrating or overheating  during  transportation by the US Postal Service.

 Holly, our beloved mixed breed "red" dog. Blind in one eye, dressed for Easter.

 "Miss Nasty" an alligator that Doug and I met while on an airboat ride in the Everglades

 My sister, Amy Paynter, took this goat photo to accompany my column on goats.

 Hard to see, but there is a buck in this picture. My cousin, Lee, lives near this deer. Deer from the herd have actually followed Lee into his apartment hoping for a handout.

 Talk about special - this is Carol Fletcher and her African Spurred Tortoise, "George." Great column about two great companions.

 I watched the antics of this lively squirrel while visiting my husband during his stint in rehab following his recent surgery. This little fellow prompted me to write about a mail carrier and his encounter with a squirrel.  

 Mary Tynan, and her service dog, "Mr. Bee." Mary rescued Mr. Bee and it ends up being a story of who rescued who?

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